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To make sure that the roses you have selected are well suited for your area, select your cold hardiness zone below.

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What is cold hardiness zone?

We have noted within the coding of each rose a zone hardiness range which indicates, in our experience, what climactic regions of the country in which the rose would be 'hardy.' If this range includes the zone number of your location on the map, the rose is well suited for the area. However, mere survival does not represent satisfactory performance. Your actual success will be subject to the specific growing conditions in your garden and any extra winter protection you provide. Remember, you can grow any rose with the same hardiness zone (or lower) as your area. For example, if you are in the region of TN that is rated as a zone 6, you should order only those roses that are zone 4,5 or 6. Roses that are zoned 7 or higher are too tender and may not tolerate your cold winters.