Cinderella™ Fairy Tale®

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6 to 10 feet    Z5-11 R pb

Large, soft, delicate pale pink, swirled roses typical of old garden roses, decorate this mannerly climber. 'Cinderella™ Fairy Tale®' is a good substitution when a smaller sized 'Cl. Souvenir de la Malmaison' or 'New Dawn' is called for. It can be grown on trellises or fences or even left unsupported to create a large cascading fountain of flowers. The large cupped shape flowers are soft pink, very double, and are borne in clusters of 4 to 6 flowers. The fruity fragrance of this repeat blooming rose will remind you of apples. The foliage is dark green, very glossy and shows very good disease resistance.

w = white
my = medium yellow
yb = yellow blend
ab = apricot blend
ob = orange blend
op = orange pink
lp = light pink
ly = light yellow
mp = medium pink
dp = deep pink
pb = pink blend
dr = dark red
mr = medium red
rb = red blend
m = mauve
mb = mauve blend
R = Repeat Blooming
O = Spring Blooming
Fr = Fragrant
H = Hip Display