Wholesale Programs

To be a wholesale partner, we require a sales tax ID number and a nursery license. We offer three ways of purchasing wholesale. Click on a link below for more information:

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Old Roses from the Heart of Texas

wholesale rosesWe’ve been growing and providing antique roses for over 35 years. We grow 100,000 plants annually in our growing fields just down the road from our display gardens in historic Washington County, Texas. We offer own root, two-gallon, easy to grow roses.

Antique roses are highly useful in landscapes as specimens, hedges, masses, and ground covers and are much easier to maintain. Although we’re known for our antique roses, we also grow many varieties of popular modern garden roses, such as:

Belinda’s Dream, Double Knockout, Living Easy, Julia Child, Nacogdoches, and the Drift Series...

...Just to name a few!