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Stock No. - 508



4 to 6 feet    Z5-11 R Fr yb 

The breeding of this rose is fascinating, including such odd couplings as the Hybrid Perpetual 'General Jacqueminot' and the Wichuraiana and Tea cross, 'Dr. W. Van Fleet'. The final result was an exceptionally healthy and free blooming shrub with large, shiny green leaves and large, open flowers in a blend of yellow, orange and pink. The fragrance is very good, and, since it was bred by Brownell, it is very cold-hardy as well. Lafter may be a good choice as a hedge rose for those who like a lot of bright color in the landscape.

w = white
my = medium yellow
yb = yellow blend
ab = apricot blend
ob = orange blend
op = orange pink
lp = light pink
ly = light yellow
mp = medium pink
dp = deep pink
pb = pink blend
dr = dark red
mr = medium red
rb = red blend
m = mauve
mb = mauve blend
R = Repeat Blooming
O = Spring Blooming
Fr = Fragrant
H = Hip Display