Old Gay Hill Red China

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Stock No. - 2217



4 to 6 feet   Z6-11 R mr

 The bright scarlet flowers of "Old Gay Hill Red China" are like those of the China, ‘Martha Gonzales’, but of this bush grows to a more commanding size. This extremely tough rose produces clusters of two inch, semi-double blooms of scarlet red with white eyes. It provides vivid color throughout the growing season and is highly effective when massed in plantings. It was found in Old Gay Hill, Texas where Thomas Affleck had his famous nursery in the last century.

w = white
my = medium yellow
yb = yellow blend
ab = apricot blend
ob = orange blend
op = orange pink
lp = light pink
ly = light yellow
mp = medium pink
dp = deep pink
pb = pink blend
dr = dark red
mr = medium red
rb = red blend
m = mauve
mb = mauve blend
R = Repeat Blooming
O = Spring Blooming
Fr = Fragrant
H = Hip Display